My Love Letter to Oakland

While wrapped up in the excitement of travel over the past few weeks, I realized that I just hit my five-year CALIversary a couple weeks ago! And what better way to commemorate this occasion than visiting this beauty!

"Love Letter to Oakland" by David Burke, Joevic Yeban, Keena Romano, Dorias Brannon, Zach Cotham, Chris Rummell, Dickson Schneider, and Shawn Burson

I've been obsessed with this mural, Love Letter to Oakland, ever since seeing it at the Oakland Mural Festival during the StreetSalad.Co community mural walk. Getting to see it in its final glory felt very timely in my journey.

Those closest to me know that the number 5 is super significant to me. It marks my birth month - multiplied by itself gives you my birth day, 5/25. It's also marked as the number of God's grace. Numerology views it as the number of unpredictability, full of motion, and constantly in need of change. So it's safe to say reaching five years in this season has filled me with much anticipation for my journey ahead.

Oakland has spoken to my soul ever since I moved to the west coast. The culture, diversity, activities, and community are what encouraged me to move to the city three years ago. This city has a pulse like none I've experienced, and motivates me to open my mind to new ideas. While it feels like the rest of the country is on fire, the people and politics of Oakland have always been in line with my beliefs and make me feel heard and appreciated as a citizen. I've explored its landscapes for inspiration in my photography. It's where I held my FIRST photo gallery in my photography career. I feel nothing but love and appreciation for what this place has offered me and I constantly look forward to how it will challenge me.

When I first arrived in California, I found myself blogging (consistently!) about my new move and chapter in life. Here’s a very applicable excerpt from my first Caliversary post:

I’m a strong believer that everything is supposed to happen when it’s planned to happen. So while you’re waiting, choose to fill your days doing things that give you further enlightenment to prepare you even more for when your time to shine arrives.

As I continue into the remainder of 2018, I'm aiming to dive more into community with hopes of impacting more lives and sharing more of the beauty captured in my travels and photos.

Thank you, California. Thank you, Oakland.

Journey On,


P.S. I think it's finally okay to call Oakland home! What do y'all think?!