Learning & Passion

Greetings! Welcome to the vision that is Elaborate Image. I've sat on the notion of creating this space for some years now, and decided that it's finally time to take the steps in sharing my passion with you. As an artist, I constantly deal with discovering new ways to express the beauty in which I'm surrounded. During this discovery phase, photography has stood out to me as an art form that has allowed me to accurately express myself in the most intimate way. Finding this passion in the budding years of adulthood has been a blessing which I've felt the yearning to direct my focus.

My wish for this space is to serve as inspiration to those who desire to learn and see more around them. Whether that be the crashing waves of the Pacific, or the twinkling lights of an urban skyline, there's much mystery for us waiting to be found. My approach to doing so is through my photography; but yours may be through poetry, community outreach, or your occupation. Whatever it may be, never give up the invaluable tool of educating yourself in your respective medium.

As I approach learning the complicated, yet simple beautiful journey that is photography, I welcome any feedback or advice you may feel obliged to provide me. I view this as a journey of discovery: both in the art of photography, and within myself. Your involvement in this experience is crucial to my success, and possibly yours. Won't you join me?

Journey On,