Bri Blogs | From My Window

This window and I have a special connection. It is the viewfinder to places that I could have only imagined to see and experience.

Serving as the perfect frame for picturesque environments - from bustling city landscapes to rolling green pastures. Wide enough to give a taste of the beautiful landscapes that the Creator has lovingly curated for all of us.

When fully opened, I inhale sea breezes and earthy pines. Blustering winds turn my curls into a crown. Sit next to me and enjoy a closer view.

The music will suit the journey ahead. Sultry melodies, nostalgic classics, and vibrating bass swell the interior. My aspirations are refueled. My worries drift into the wind. This is the looking glass into more creative pursuits.

This window shows me beauty. 
It is honest. 
It is love.


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