10 Things That Made 2016 Successful

Everyone these days is talking about how horrible 2016 has been to them, eagerly anticipating 2017's arrival. While there are several events that have occurred this year, including: the increased visibility into the sh*t show that is the American justice system, my bank account hitting an all-time low, and car troubles that had me borderline considering public transportation, there's still so much I have to be grateful for this year.

Here are 10 things that made my year a successful one:

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World Travels: Tuscany – Day 3

Another exciting day lay ahead of me as I arose to start day 3 of my Tuscany journey. Day 1 had been a beautiful blur of traveling and sightseeing. Day 2 offered me my first glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of the Tuscany region. After all of these experiences, I was all the more excited to embark on my final full day in Florence.

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World Travels: Tuscany – Day 2

I was up bright and early for my second day in Florence. My first day was full of sightseeing, and this next day would prove no different. I booked a tour to explore more of Tuscany for this day, so I set out to meet my group at the bus stop at the Santa Maria Novella station. I stopped at a nearby McDonalds, much to my hesitation, to first grab some breakfast. I'd heard that their restaurants had a higher quality of food, and that rumor proved to be right! Just like most cafes I encountered in Italy, they had an espresso bar and a myriad of pastries to choose from. I settled for an espresso and croissant, the perfect meal on-the-go.

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