World Travels: Positano Day 2

My second day in Positano began with a light breakfast of croissants and coffee provided by my host. I then set out for the beach to soak up all the warm and sun-shiny weather gracing the cliffside. The journey from high above the hills to the main beach and shops down below is quite enjoyable, allowing you to get various views of the Tyrrhenian Sea as you walk the cobble-stoned streets past shops for Italian, handmade leather shoes, lemons (a prized crop grown in the region), art galleries, and high-fashion clothing. As I said in my post from Day 1, this visit would really test my self-discipline to resist purchasing such quality products.


Upon arriving to the beach, I noticed that the expected soft sand that many beaches have was replaced with smooth rocks of various sizes. Talk about comfortable. But after spreading out and getting situated, I found that the ground wasn't all too bad as I took pictures and caught up on some reading and journaling.

As the sun's rays hid behind a dark cloud and my hunger increased, I headed to a nearby restaurant for a late lunch. As many of you may not know, I've been on a dairy-free diet for a little over a year. You can imagine my worry as I planned a trip to the one country known for its fresh cheeses lovingly garnished atop the many pasta dishes and pizzas that cause many to forego any diet plans they planned to follow. Surprisingly, though, I've had great success in finding dishes without this ingredient, allowing me to be as ravenous at each meal as I'd hoped. La Brezza, my next foodie destination, served a beautiful bruschetta along with their version of a mojito, cleverly named a Brezzito.

I then took some time to browse some Italian art at Square Gallery. I'll let those pieces speak for themselves. 

Walking again past the shops, the sweetest scent of lemon drew me into a shop selling lemon candles, lemon soaps, limoncello, everything lemon! I had to purchase some version of this Italian delicacy. I chose a cute lemon candle along with a bottle of the sweet, yet potent bottle of limoncello.

I then took some more time to browse another nearby gallery and stop by the grocery to pick up some fruits and wine for my night. Many hills and steps later, I arrived back at my Positano paradise to get ready for the adventure of the next day.


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