La Ricarica • The Recharge

We're all born with the inescapable reality that despite the amount of friends, family, lovers, and acquaintances surrounding us, we only have ourselves to face in the absence of such company. Being alone. A concept that can terrify a large majority, or be eagerly welcomed by others. Unfortunately, there's a stigma attached to this state of being (perhaps placed on us by society, or perhaps by the few who live in fear of its presence); that if you're alone, something's wrong in your life and the choice to be in such a state is a last resort, a state of desperation. I have a strong inclination to be alone over having the presence of one or many individuals. In no way does this mean I don't frequently enjoy the company of those in my life. I simply can only reasonably function in my day to day life by taking a moment to be by myself. This allows me to recharge my energies and deal with any extreme emotions at my own pace. Those who have known me for years know how irritable and unpleasant I can become if not given this time, an alter ego my mother named "Brianca."

It's important to note that I think no less of those who need the presence of others to recharge, or use other methods to reach this goal. We all have our ways to recharge and survive in an often tumultuous world.

I love to travel. I love capturing these travels. Each and every being has the opportunity to indulge in what this world has to offer, and there is so much in which to do so. Part of the reason I enjoy capturing these moments is to share with and give information to others who may have otherwise not had access to such resources. With these resources, anyone can experience these close and distant lands and the fascinating cultures that come with them.


I have a connection with certain spiritual realms. The Creator indeed had a hand in shaping many of them. I believe these are only accessible to those granted with such an honor, and it is their duty to share their knowledge with those who do not have it. Numbers, especially odd numbers, have always stood out to me. I was born on May 25th, 5-25. I see the numbers 5 and 25 many times every day. I am also a Gemini, emotionally wavering between moods of excitement, talkativity, quietness, and mild to extreme annoyance. When I'm mad, you don't want to be around me; I don't even want to be around me. It can take years to recognize these traits in me.

My mother explained the meaning of a Golden Birthday to me years ago. Take the day you were born with the age you're turning. This year is my Golden Birthday - turning 25 on the 25th. I've only recently learned about numerology, the study or belief of numbers. I've researched my Life Path number. Naturally, my number is 5, and it hits the nail on the head! To learn more about your life path, visit this site.


Starting with my 21st birthday, I resolved to have destination birthdays spent in cities I do not frequent that draw me in in one way or another. For this birthday, I've traveled over 6,000 miles to the beautiful country of Italy. Known for its scenic coastlines and architectural beauty, this country has sparked my inspiration - creatively, emotionally, and spiritually. Positano, situated on the southern part of the Amalfi coast, has served me well as I celebrate 25 years of living and commence the anticipated 26th year. I can't exactly pinpoint the exact moment when I decided on this location for this birthday, but when it was decided, it felt right and ordained by the divine forces. I've been here for six days (with nine more to go) and I feel so content. I'm in the exact space I should be at this time in life.


I am here alone, but I am not lonely. Having this time to myself and not to my job, other obligations, or social media is necessary to my continued sanity. My energy had recently reached a point of frustration and confusion. How one can feel this way after experiencing all I've been given often feels selfish and unappreciative. But life has shown me that anyone can feel this in any stage of their life. Be it marvelous or absolutely unbearable. These six days have healed me and cleared away those negative energies to help me focus on my actions and thoughts in a much more positive fashion.

No, you don't need to go on an exotic journey to unfamiliar destinations to reach a similar state of being; for me, it's just the most fulfilling option. I need to be with nature, myself, and God to reach this goal. Travel is available to anyone, given the right resources. Yes, the logistics take time and dedication, counting on your willingness to get somewhere (even by yourself). But it always pays off in the end. Even if you don't have a desire to travel, my wish for you is to find that thing that allows you to recharge and makes you a better person ready to serve others. Which is the whole reason we're here - to connect and affect as many lives as possible.


Know that being yourself is the most beautiful and admirable thing you can do for yourself. The methods taken to reach this goal have already been prepared for you. God has ordered the universe to work in your favor. Trust in this as you live out the rest of your days. Adulthood comes with its moments of absolute pleasure, as well as ominous moments of helplessness. Given these wavering states of being, I can say now that I am content. I am grateful. I am blessed.


What are some ways you recharge? Comment below!