Cali Travels: From Monterey to Big Sur [Pt. 1]

While visiting  Monterey recently, I was once again reminded of the majestic beauties that California possesses. Before most of my journeys, I like to compile an extensive list of the best places to visit, both for tourists and locals alike. This allows me to create a loose itinerary while having a well-rounded visit. I decided to use the good ol' word-of-mouth technique as opposed to my usual method of scrolling and filtering on Yelp. Most of my resources have lived in California long enough to recommend the best spots for me to check out. So with those recommendations gathered and my car packed, I headed down Route 1 to Monterey. Driving on the 1 was an experience in itself, but I'll touch on that later.

During my first night there, I had my sights set on Cibo, a cute wine bar on the Monterey downtown strip. A jazz band quartet was on stage sending a relaxed vibration throughout the venue as guests nodded their heads and clinked glasses. Catch some of the tunes below:

After such a relaxing night, I had plenty of energy the next day to venture south to Big Sur for the Bixby Bridge, a popular spot for photographers and tourists alike. Driving down Route 1 was a purely existential experience. Being surrounded by the ominous Pacific Ocean on the right and the blooming mountainside on the left, I took this drive as a time to bask in the magnificence that is our Earth!

Check out some of my photos of the Bixby Bridge below:

Bixby Creek Bridge - Standing 280 ft. tall, the Bixby Bridge is one of the most photographed Pacific Coast bridges.

A Bit of Yellow

Structurally Sound

Historic Bridge

After exploring this area a bit, and getting literally too far into the weeds (see above), I then ventured over the Bixby Bridge to see what other surprises Big Sur had to offer. I got about 3 minutes away from the bridge before stopping at Hurricane Point. The sweeping views of the Pacific Coast gave me all the needed inspiration to capture its true essence. Big Sur gave me a seemingly neverending opportunity to soak in the dried yet colorful plant life, the faint crash of waves below, and a multitude of greens, blues, and amber earth tones.

Check out more photos from my trip to Big Sur here.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my trip as I explore the various areas in Monterey!