Hey, I'm Bri.

Born and raised in the Midwest, my love for art and all things visual became apparent at an early age. After receiving my Marketing degree from Howard University, I made the leap to the Bay Area where I discovered my love for travel and photography.

Starting out as simple photography sessions for friends, my brand evolved as I began capturing my domestic and international travels through photography and blog posts. My curiosity emboldened me to move outside my comfort zone, and immerse myself responsibly in other cultures, capturing and translating that beauty for all to view. My experiences inform my work and allow me to more honestly capture the world, and people, around me.

I intend to capture and share as much of this world's beauty that I can with others. Whether it's capturing a panoramic mountain landscape or catching just the right lighting for a headshot, it’s my hope that my work resonates with you. Every day I’m growing and learning, and would love to collaborate with you on this journey. Let’s work!